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Zyn Menthol

Zyn Menthol

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Zyn Menthol is less harsh flavor than that of Wintergreen. Menthol flavoring is most commonly used in tobacco products such as pipe tobacco and cigarettes.  So if you are looking to kick the smoking habit but still need the kick of nicotine, then look no further than Zyn Menthol. Substitute your menthol flavored smoke with menthol flavored nicotine.

The nicotine pouches from Swedish Match have a dry surface that reduces the amount of saliva produced and provide an extra intense experience.  These Menthol pouches are an alternative to traditional oral tobacco.

How to use:

  1. take the pouch and put it under your lower or upper lip.
  2. leave it alone for up to 1hr.
  3. once the hour is done toss the used pouch out and replace with a new one if your require.
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